For complete system builds, I will select reliable and well-performing components based on my computer knowledge.  I will also provide pricing up front prior to proceeding with any orders.

Description of Service
Pickup and DeliveryRound trip pickup & delivery of computer/components in Milwaukee, WI (max. 30mi). $35.00
Computer DiagnosticTesting all hardware/software to determine cause of problem(s).FREE
Hourly Computer Build/RepairHourly rate for additional hours to build new PC. Or hourly rate for additional hours to repair problem(s) after diagnostic is performed.$35.00 / hr
New Computer Build
(Labor only, parts not included)
Complete new computer (case only, unless otherwise specified) build based on customer specifications and desired budget. Initial quote will be developed for approval prior to start of build. Includes operating system install option and performance optimization (maximum 2 hours; additional hours will be billed at hourly rate). $75.00
Computer Tune UpDiagnose and repair operating system issues. Install service packs and patches. Update anti-virus, scan for viruses, spyware, adware, and other potentially malicious programs. Clean registry and optimize system for best performance (maximum 2 hours; additional hours will be billed at hourly rate).$50.00
Software InstallationInstallation (or repair) of one software title, with convenient desktop, start menu and quick launch bar shortcuts for easy access. Configuration with any external hardware (if applicable) and verification that no conflict exists with other devices/drivers. Software not included.$25.00
One Time Data BackupTransferring your important data from your computer to CD, DVD, network-attached storage, an internal or external hard drive or another computer. First DVD included, additional DVDs $2/each. $50.00
Re/Installation of Operating SystemInstallation or reinstallation of operating system, drivers for all hardware, service packs and patches. Anti-virus & firewall installation included. Additional software can be installed at a rate of $25/software. Data backup/transfer not included.$70.00
Data RecoveryData from functioning hard drive due to accidental deletion will attempt to be recovered and transferred to a DVD. No fee if data is unrecoverable.$35.00 / hr
Memory InstallationInstallation of memory. Memory not included.$25.00
Hardware InstallationInstallation of one external hardware component with corresponding software/drivers.$25.00
Hard Drive InstallationIncludes installation of hard drive, installation of operating system & drivers (if applicable). Backup and transfer of data. $100.00
Network Setup (Hardwired)Networking of up to 3 computers with router so they can share files, printers, and Internet connection (if available). $60.00
Network Setup (Wireless)Networking of up to 4 wireless devices, or 2 wireless and 2 wired devices to a wireless router so they can share files, printers, and Internet connection (if available). Setup includes wireless security protection. $70.00
Network of Additional Device (Same Trip)Additional device networked (both wired and wireless).$20.00 / ea.
Network of Additional Devices (New Trip)Installation and configuration of one additional computer, access point, printer or other compatible device on your wireless or wired network. $40.00 1st device $20.00 / ea. add’l. device
Remote PC DiagnosticAllows me to remotely log into your machine to diagnose the problem. Internet Connection is required.$25.00
Remote PC RepairRemotely repair your computer over the Internet (maximum 3 hours; additional hours will be billed at hourly rate). Internet Connection is required. Connection is encrypted.$70.00

Prices effective as of Jan. 2014.  All prices are subject to change without notice (Rev. 1/12/2014).


I accept payment via PayPal or Google Wallet.  Please contact me for any other alternative forms of payment.

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